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Any drivers familiar with Hampton Roads know how congested some of the area’s roads are.  In fact, the I-264/I-64 interchange is the second busiest in Virginia and, unfortunately, the site of many auto accidents that result in serious injuries.  When you are injured in an accident caused by the reckless or careless actions of another driver, Forbes Law Firm is here to help. We know that even relatively minor crashes can cause injuries and damages that affect everything — from getting medical and therapeutic treatment to returning to work — while more serious injuries can change a victim’s life forever. Regardless of the extent of your injuries or property damage, we will provide the advice and legal assistance you need to ensure your rights to compensation are protected.

Getting Compensated for Auto Accident Injuries

When you are injured in an auto accident in Virginia, there are several ways to pursue compensation:

  • Insurance Claims — When the majority of expenses involve paying to repair or replace your automobile, perhaps even combined with treatment for minor injuries sustained during the accident, filing an insurance claim is oftentimes able to fairly compensate you for your losses. However, even in this case, it’s always a good idea to have the insurance settlement offer reviewed by an attorney to ensure that it is fair and truly compensates you for all losses.

  • Out-of-court Settlements — With more severe injuries where full recovery is expected to take time, an insurance claim may not be able to provide sufficient compensation. Our law firm can help negotiate a settlement that covers all of your medical and therapy costs, lost wages, and other expenses. By negotiating from a position of strength, we can help you avoid the stress and expense of going to court while still receiving adequate compensation.

  • Jury Trials — Unfortunately, car accidents can sometimes cause serious injuries that affect victims for the rest of their lives. Brain and spinal injuries are just some examples of accident injuries that may have permanent, lifelong implications. In these cases, a jury trial is often the best way to get compensated for what may be a lifetime of expenses.

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Even Minor Accidents Can Cause Life-Altering Damages

Although an injury may seem minor immediately following an accident, its severity may not always be apparent until days (or, in some cases, even months) afterward. This can be especially true of head and brain injuries and spinal injuries suffered in an automobile accident. So not only is it essential to seek prompt medical attention, but it’s also very important to contact a lawyer immediately following an accident. When your claim involves multiple vehicles or insurance companies, getting compensated for injuries and property damage can be very complicated and difficult. Our personal injury team at Forbes Law Firm has represented accident victims throughout Hampton Roads since 1994, so we’re well versed in where and how accidents often occur in this region as well as where and how to best seek compensation for your case.

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